CCG Mining Promo Code January 2019

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Since 2016 the mining company has been providing cloud mining services. Its offices are located in such countries as Great Britain, Austria, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Latvia. Two data centers are situated in Poland and its main office is in London. Greater than a thousand independent miners and around 50 cryptocurrency companies have already become clients of the mining service.

By choosing it, clients get the following benefits:

  • Contractual agreements are accessible for the most cost-effective cryptocurrencies;
  • A possibility to make the profit on gaining with investments starting from 5.42 USD;
  • 100% guarantee of non-stop operation of the equipment;
  • The opportunity to buy a CCG mining contract which will be valid for 1-2 years, or determine an unlimited period;
  • Cryptocurrency extraction starts within 2-3 days from the date of the treaty purchase;
  • Convenient payment methods of obligation and fast earning withdrawal to the cryptocurrency wallets;
  • A simple multilingual interface and a convenient personal account allow you to quickly understand the functionality;
  • Support service available via Skype, website or e-mail;
  • Gaining is carried out on the equipment of the leading manufacturers: Nvidia, AMD, ATI, Intel;
  • With promo codes, you may get a reduction in the cost of the agreement and access to unique service propositions.

CCG Promo Code

The main point of the platform is to give a helping hand to clients for “mining career”. To sign up, it is not obligatory to have much experience, advanced technologies or large income. It is not a tough challenge even for a newly qualified. Developers make their best to boost obtaining and make Bitcoin widely popular.  The risk of losing money is not significant so it is profitable hashflare CCG mining. Moreover, it is more interesting to use the platform where a CCG discount code  is offered.

Would you like to know how to get a hashflare code? Then obtain it simply by completing the next steps:

  • Sign in or log in at and indicate your email and date of birth;
  • By clicking on an appropriate icon, open the profile page;
  • To start gaining, pay at least one time for hashrate;
  • if you do not have it, buy ETHASH, Scrypt, X11, SHA-256 or EQUIHASH;
  • Select the type of hashrate and purchase it;
  • On the left panel of the page you will see hashflare redeem code;
  • Enter it and get the CCG gift voucher.

Start earning with CCG Mining

To buy an obligation for any kind of cryptocurrency, you need to sign in. To do this you need to enter the following information:

  • Name, surname;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Country and address;
  • Phone number.

You may also sign in while ordering a contract. The service offers gaining agreements for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, LBRY.

To make a purchase, go to the “Buy hashrate” tab in your account, choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to mine, and capacity. Your choice will be added to the cart. Enter CCG mining promo code January 2019 and select “Checkout”. When it is done, make a choice of the payment method: from the cryptocurrency wallet or via Payeer. After clicking “Complete order”  pay the order by the selected method. After 24-48 hours from the moment of payment, you will start earning on cryptocurrency reception.

What is the payoff period?

The return on investment depends on several factors:

  • Network complexity;
  • Equipment capacity;
  • Equipment prices;
  • The market value of the tokens.

The administration of CCG Mining promises to customers the profitability of contractual agreements at the level of 200% and the return on investment within seven months. The CCG Mining website has a calculator that allows you to predict the profitability of investments separately for each case. At the end of February 2018, according to the profit guide from CCG mining, the profitability of the CCG Bitcoin mining treaty is 87% per year, for Ethereum — 104 %, Zcash — 125%, Litecoin — 70%. The least profitable investment is in Dash 2% LBRY – 15%. January

Save Money with CCG Mining Discount Code 2018

Using promotional codes for the CCG miner, you are able to get the chance of finding a coupon on several types of obligations or purchase capacity for the production of cryptocurrencies on, particularly favorable terms. You may use the CCG Mining promo code for free.

By going to the  Mining page, these types of coupons may be found:

  • CCG discount code for 10-15% discount on all contracts. It usually appears before the holidays, Cyber Monday and Black Friday;
  • Promo code for a demo contract for Free bitcoin exploitation;
  • A coupon for an individual tariff plan for Ethereum extraction. There are codes for individual rates and for other cryptocurrencies as well.

Thousands of miners around the world have chosen CCG Mining to mine coins. Definitely, this platform is the most trustworthy and it is a legit partner inside the industry of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, its clients have a possibility to use a special promo code that enables getting a discount while choosing a contract. It is useful to save a lot of money with this source of income. Do not jump at the chance, redeem your code.